School Director Dr. Thomas Jones is passionate about and committed to developing quality educational opportunities in the Horn of Africa. He believes that when children thrive at school, their families will also thrive and the future of entire communities will be positively impacted.

Dr. Jones has been at the forefront of educational development in the Horn of Africa for the past twelve years. He completed his doctoral studies in International Educational Leadership and Development with a specialization on the Horn of Africa and continues to pursue the latest knowledge in education through research in the region.

Dr. Jones taught at the University of Djibouti for eight years and was instrumental in creating new programs for adult learners. He opened an English night school, consulted with businesses to educate their staff, and has worked to provide thousands of packets of school supplies to at-risk children in refugee camps and across Djibouti. He has launched football clubs and English programs for children and consults on the efficacy of development projects to make them most effective. He continues to work in language acquisition programs, curriculum development, teacher training, organizational leadership, and project management in Djibouti.

On top of being an expert in the educational systems of the region, Dr. Jones has lived with his own family in Djibouti since 2004. He has guided his three children in both the French educational system and international American schools. This provides him with extensive knowledge of expatriate life in Djibouti, experience and cross-cultural skills for this unique context, and the relationships with educators that will make the school community at ISD effective and efficient at serving families. On top of this, he is an avid sportsman and adventurer, fluent in Somali and French. He is ideally placed to direct the International School of Djibouti, to train and empower staff, and to provide the highest quality of education to children in Djibouti.