Djibouti lies at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Djibouti is strategically positioned as a trans-shipment and logistics hub because of its location along the heavily trafficked Red Sea. Djibouti has made significant economic strides and is rapidly modernizing its infrastructure (port, airport, roads, train, etc.). However, a significant lack in the Djiboutian educational landscape has been a high quality, English based K-12 school.

To address the educational need for English in Djibouti, the International School of Djibouti (ISD) was opened in September 2016. ISD is being built from the ground up as a high quality, English immersion, internationally accredited school.

Mission: The mission of ISD is to provide students in Djibouti a world class education in English that focuses on discovery, creativity, and problem-solving to develop noble-hearted, global citizens.

Pertinent information:

  • Registration is ongoing, contact us anytime.

  • Educational opportunities exist for pre-K through high school.

  • Class space is limited.

Some key objectives:

  • Students fully fluent in English

  • A family-focused school with strong community connections

  • Provide a world class education

  • Utilize trained teachers

  • Extra-curricular activities that stimulate creativity, learning, and community among the students and families of ISD

  • Accreditation with internationally accepted organizations

Tuition: dependent on diplomatic, expatriate, or local contract but competitive with other international schools in Djibouti (Dolto/Kessel) or regionally. Check out the tuition and fee policy under the 'academics' tab above.