Having amazing teachers is the most important piece to having an amazing school. We hope you are able to meet and get to know our teachers. We've supplied a short bio here in order for you to get an idea of the staff at the school.


Antony Ritton

Mr. Ritton teaches our 4th - 6th grade students here at ISD.  He also is in charge of the new program at ISD, English Club! He holds a Masters degree in Education and has taught for eight years in Nebraska in elementary and middle schools. He is currently finishing his certificate in ESL.

Joshua Manfred

Mr. Manfred is our 1st - 3rd grade teacher. He taught for ISD last year and worked with children's programs in the past. He holds a masters degree and has worked in educational administration for universities in the United States. He grew up in SE Asia and is very familiar with the experience of being a Third Culture person.

Kelsey Manfred

Mrs. Manfred is our PreK - K grade teacher. She is a mother of three. she just finished her master's degree. She is from Minnesota. She's excited about teaching the preschoolers this year!

James Kiai Mukundi

James has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Nairobi University and has been teaching English in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti for six years. James believes teaching from Kindergarten up is about more than simply learning ABC’s or 123’s. James says, “School is a platform for leading by example, an opportunity to instill good discipline, patience, humility, and laughter.”

Mariam Terese Mohamed

Mariam has a number of post-graduate certificates and a high-school diploma. She grew up in Djibouti and is well placed to understand the linguistic and cultural issues of the local context. She will be assisting Mrs. Manfred in the PreK - K classroom this year.

Cassie Schwartz

Cassie is a licenced elementary teacher from Minnesota. She finished her studies at Concordia College (Morehead) in 2016 and has taught for two years in the states. She will be assisting the school with ESL courses and afternoon activities as a volunteer for 4 months. We're thankful to have an extra educator around to help us start off the school year well, especially with many students who will need extra linguistic help in the classroom!