Current Programs


American schooL

Our main service to the community includes over 165 days of American curriculum education. Class is in session from September through June, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. Our teachers and administrators are mostly from the United States and have a passion for education and global service.

Students are prepared for the academic rigors of a competitive world, focused on inquiry and creativity. They are trained to see the problems of the world around them and to be a part of solving those issues. If you desire a world class education for your child in English that will expose them to noble-hearted people, consider enrolling them in our morning program!

English Club

The club offers up to 10 hours of immersion in English per week from 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Sunday through Wednesday. Students are given language instruction and then participate in activities like Art, Sports, Drama, and other fun! ALL IN ENGLISH!

This program is being developed on the belief that the best way to learn language is to experience real life situations in the language. This make language important, relevant, and enjoyable...if learned in a safe and encouraging environment.

Real learning, real results, a life-time of language competence.

Join the CLUB!

Extra-curricular activities

ISD afternoons are filled with fun and learning for children. These optional activities are open for all children to participate. To register for an activity, contact the administrative office to find out about current offerings, locations, and times.

The activities we’ve organized have included:

-Language study


-Swimming lessons

-Martial Arts

-Painting and drawing

-Music lessons

-Digital Media



Open play

Twice a week, ISD opens up its playground for friends to come together and have a chance to enjoy the afternoon in free play. An ISD teacher or administrator is on hand to supervise the children and organize games. Contact the administrative office for days and times. All are welcome!