Having amazing teachers is the most important piece to having an amazing school. We hope you are able to meet and get to know our teachers. We've supplied a short bio here in order for you to get an idea of the staff at the school.


Samantha Mullaney

Samantha has her M.Ed in Elementary Education from Boston University and has been teaching elementary school for six years, four of them abroad at international schools in the Middle East.  She has a passion for high quality children's literature and fostering a love of reading and writing in her students.  She is familiar with the International Baccalaureate PYP program, as well as reader’s and writer's workshop and utilizes each of these in the classroom.  Over the years she has coached girl's soccer and has led student book clubs, enrichment math and kayaking clubs.


Tsitsi Nyagumbo

Tsitsi is from Zimbabwe and has lived in Djibouti since October 2010. She taught in a variety of schools, teaching both adults and children and currently teaches night classes. At ISD, Tsitsi specializes in helping students with special needs. She studied Human Resources, Leadership, and Social Sciences. She speaks two languages fluently and is studying Somali and French. She loves sight-seeing, traveling, and reading inspirational biographies and brings this knowledge and experiences into the classroom to help students grow and learn.


Theresa Lierz

Theresa is an American who has lived in Djibouti for two years and is the mother of five children. She is an experienced teacher of grades Preschool through fifth grade and is the Preschool teacher at ISD.


James Kiai Mukundi

James has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Nairobi University and has been teaching English in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti for six years. James believes teaching from Kindergarten up is about more than simply learning ABC’s or 123’s. James says, “School is a platform for leading by example, an opportunity to instill good discipline, patience, humility, and laughter.”