English School Options in Djibouti

As director of ISD, I believe it is the goal of educators to help people understand the realities around them.  I’m starting this blog to post ideas and information about education in the region and to give the English speaking community a place to communicate about their educational issues for their children. My hope is that parents are able to understand the realities of education and make good choices.

For starters, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from parents about all the international schools that are being established or that have existed in Djibouti. Three of the names are very similar, so you can see why there could be confusion. Please correct me if I have anything out of place in this post. Organizations are fluid and things like tuition and class offerings can change quickly. Here are your options for English based education for your children as far as I know:

1.      International School of Djibouti. Non-profit/non-religious. PreK-12. The office is located on Rue de Bourhan Bey, 500 meters away from Djibouti Telecom’s office and the Ministry of Education, the school will be in Haramous or Gabode, location to be announced soon. Tuition starting from ~$3,500 per year. American curriculum. Expatriate teachers. Website:

2.      International School of Africa: Djibouti. For-profit/non-religious. PreK-2. Office located in Ambouli on Rue de Nelson Mandela. Tuition document I found gave the idea that tuition starts around $6,000 or $7,000 per year. Can anyone confirm this? I’m not sure if this is for Djiboutians or for expatriates or if it is the same for everyone. They are building a property in Douda, behind the Italian military base. Trilingual education (French, English, Arabic) but focused on English. Website:

3.      Quality Schools International: International School of Djibouti. I think non-profit, but in a recent forum, they said they are somehow financially autonomous from the global QSI non-profit organization? Non-religious. PreK-8. Curriculum not clear to me (US or UK or their own). Contact their website for a location, somewhere in Haramous. Published tuition starting from around $20,000. Website:

4.      Horn of Africa School. Non-profit/religious. Located at the Catholic Cathedral. Tuition around $1,000 per year (or less).  They follow a Kenyan curriculum. Teachers are mostly nuns from around Africa. K-6. No website.

5.      ‘Indian’ School. K-6. Sorry, I don’t know the actual name of this school and I don’t have a lot of information about it. I believe it is located in downtown Djibouti. Follows an Indian curriculum. Tuition is on the lower end (<$100 per month?). No website.

If you know of any other schools that are using English based education feel free to post here. If you have more information about these schools or need to correct any of the above information, please contact me.