Located at Gabode 4, Lot 9

Visit our new location:

Gabode 4, Lot 9

(near the Gabode tennis courts and across the street from Ecole Ileys)

The new location is really coming together. The classroom space looks good with all the technology for a great first year. The property doesn't have as much outdoor play space as I would like, but we'll be negotiating with a few sports centers to make sure there will be activity space for kids on a weekly basis. Photos coming soon!

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Click here for photos of our work in progress


Our goal is to provide a family-friendly education that promotes community and benefits both our student body and broader Djibouti. For this reason, we are a not-for-profit school. Proceeds from ISD will be poured directly back into the school to ensure ongoing local growth and improvement. You can find more of our goals and useful information here.

We recently received our first container of supplies. More will arrive this summer, including playground equipment. Click here to see some photos of a potential classroom, supplies, the very beginnings of our library (hundreds of books are on the way), and more! It will be beautiful when all the materials come together with great teachers.